We have the pleasure of working with some outstanding firms and creative individuals. One of our most prominent clients is Brick Price, President and CEO of WonderWorks, a highly respected design, special effects and production company based in Canoga Park, California.



Brick Price, President/CEO of WonderWorks

CANOGA PARK, CA — Brick Price, President of WonderWorks, one of the top special effects companies in the film industry, has announced a script development agreement with  Misty Mountain Productions, a digital development company owned by Ray Hoy (one of the five original ePublishers on the Net). WonderWorks is a design, effects and production company serving the film, theme park and museum industries. Brick’s client list includes NASA, Spielberg, Lucas, Disney, Universal, G.M., Ford, Chrysler, Rockwell, and the Smithsonian Museum. WonderWork's special effects work has been featured in The Abyss, Armageddon, Apollo 13, Rocket’s Red Glare, Deep Impact, Star Trek, and others.


“Ray and I have been friends for years, and worked on numerous projects together. We have a mutual respect for each other’s honesty, integrity and the ability to get things done. Ray has been a professional writer, editor and publisher for five decades. During that time he also spent nearly twenty years as a casino marketing consultant for some of the top Nevada gaming properties, so he knows how to set goals and achieve results. To the best of my knowledge, no production company has ever had a situation like the one we have with Ray’s company. Just think about it. I'm free to choose from their broad selection of great story ideas, in any genre I want. I just make my request and Misty Mountain Productions provides me with a screenplay. It’s magical to have scripts on demand.”  — Brick Price

Brick Price with SpaceShip One
Brick Price with 1/2 scale model of SpaceShip One

Brick Price at historic launch of

SpaceShip One in Mojave, California

SpaceShip One 1/2 Scale Model

with Eamonn Price, Shop Foreman