ABOUT  J.T. RIPPER — I get more fan mail for Ripper than I do for my Jack Frost character (sorry, Jack). I have no idea why, because my Ripper character is 150 pounds of bad attitude. The dog was born pissed. — Ray Hoy

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My Jack Frost tales are loosely

based on some characters I met

during my years in the Nevada

casino business. Are my stories connected in any way to actual events? Well, let’s just say that the casino business generates more than its fair share of nearly unbelievable stories, and let it go at that. Jack Frost is a composite of three amazing Special Forces men I was lucky enough to have met early in my casino career. They’re gone now, victims of their chosen profession. One of them had a huge Doberman named ‘Scorpio’ and he was impressive. He's gone, too, but I used him as a model for my nearly mythical  J.T. Ripper.

      — Ray Hoy