"In the Spirit of Murder" - Murder Mystery by Laura Belgrave

In the Spirit of Murder - Book #1

Police Procedural Mystery

by Laura Belgrave

Digital and print editions

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A dead psychic on Halloween night. Heroin filtering into the town's schools. A sullen ex-con with a beef of his own, and a legislator with secrets to protect. Not what homicide detective Claudia Hershey expected when she moved to Indian Run, a smudge on Florida's map. But there's no turning back when the killer makes things personal.

"Readers who enjoy a police procedural will find this a delightful read filled with action under every bush but almost totally void of gore. Author Laura Belgrave creates a cerebral storyline that provides clues along the way so that the fan can put the puzzle pieces together to try to solve this pleasing who-done-it." 

— Harriet Klausner, Amazon Reviewer



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#2: Quiety Dead

They look like tragic accidents: An old woman drowned in her tub. An old man drowned in a pond. When Florida Detective Claudia Hershey looks beyond the evidence, someone looks back-—someone who will stop at nothing to silence her.


#3: Deadly Associations

When a hostage situation in a gated community turns deadly, Detective Claudia Hershey is spun into an investigation where the only certainties are deceit and betrayal. Whether she can restore tranquility to the quiet Florida town and salvage her career depends on the community's newest residents--and who among them stays alive.