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A Maggie McGuire Romantic Thriller


"A highly recommended page-turner suspense thriller and the stuff of which block-buster movies are made of. Jessie Fallon is a gifted storyteller who will leave her readers waiting eagerly for her next book." —The Midwest Book Review





Book #1 in Jessie Fallon's

Romantic Thriller series

Fresh out of college, Maggie McGuire arrives in Lake Tahoe to start her exciting new marketing job with Deep Blue, one of the world's most prestigious software firms.

Upon her arrival, Maggie is introduced to Beau Canfield, Deep Blue’s charismatic director of marketing, and the two are immediately drawn to each other. She throws herself into her work, determined to become successful in her first job — and to impress Beau Canfield. Maggie quickly becomes highly visible in the close-knit Lake Tahoe business community. But her fame comes with a terrible price. She soon finds herself targeted by a sadistic stalker, a specter from her father's high-roller past.

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