Historical Drama

Story and Screenplay

by Rusty Harding

A Digital Production


Nevermore is based on the true-life story of Edgar Allan Poe, the man whose very name is synonymous with horror, mystery, and unimaginable terror. But, was Poe the man as dark as Poe the writer?  Was he as legend portrays: an author of unmatchable talent, yet also a black and soulless demon, lost in a dementia of alcohol and opium? Or was he simply lost - orphaned at six and raised without love, and whose only solace in life was his passion for writing and his craving for acceptance?  Were his macabre stories and mournful poems the fruit of a tortured and drug-addicted mind, or were they merely a reflection of his own personal, innumerable tragedies?  And has his true story ever been told?  To paraphrase the Raven, “never before” – until Nevermore



Producer's note: Rusty Harding is a gifted writer in a variety of genres. "Playwright" is his latest title, and one that is well-earned. Rusty's Fly Babies has been selected for a developmental reading by WingSpan Theatre, a Dallas, Texas theatre group that focuses on plays by, for, and/or about women.