The Crew

Ray Hoy, Producer: Ray has been a professional writer, editor, publisher and producer for five decades. During that time he also spent nearly 20 years in casino marketing working with major properties such as Caesars Tahoe, Wayne Newton Gaming, and others. He specialized in opening both land-based, and river and ocean-going casino boats. He retired from the casino business in 1998 to devote full time to writing. Ray is the author of the acclaimed Jack Frost thriller series. He is represented by Wayne J. Keeley, Media Attorney. WKeeley294@aol.com

Sally J. Walker, Script Supervisor: Sally is a talented writer, editor, and creative writing teacher with a superb grasp of both the publishing and film industries. She began writing professionally after earning her BFA in 1985. Her on-line WRITE-NOW WORKSHOPS have been compiled into the LEARN Series. LEARN SCREENWRITING, From Start to Adaptation to Pro Advice, and LEARN GENRE FILM SECRETS are the first two textbooks in the series and are being used in college screenwriting classes.

Laura Belgrave, Communications Strategist: The author of the highly regarded Claudia Hershey mystery series. Laura is a South Florida veteran writer and editor whose career has taken her from the "murder and mayhem" side of the newspaper business to the editorial side of the book publishing business, and on to web design, video and social media. Her staff positions have included everything from police reporter and then city editor of a major Florida daily. She has a wealth of experience in social media.

Dave Fabrizio, Creative Director: A professional musician and multi-talented genius, Dave is the Creative Director for Misty Mountain Productions.  Blessed with limitless talent and imagination, he conducts business from his state-of-the-art studio in South Lake Tahoe, California. 

Gary Stilwell, Production Manager: Our ongoing projects are dedicated to you, Gary. You will always have the title of Production Manager at Misty Mountain Productions. See you on the other side.

      — Gary Stilwell, 1934 - 1997