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"The Jack Frost thriller series will raise your pulse rate, give you chills and leave you breathless. It's a three-book street fight that you're going to love and want to talk about."

— The Sandman, The Black Rock Hotel

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Shorten that flight!
Always travel with a
Jack Frost Thriller!


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”Only a first-rate writer with years of experience in the

casinos of Vegas and Reno could deliver this vivid journey into the sordid underbelly of

Sin City.” 

— Jerry McGinley

 Lake Redemption

The Vegas Factor - #1

Available in eBook and print editions.

Jack Frost is blessed with a warrior's mentality, as is his Doberman from hell, J.T. Ripper. The two find themselves fighting for their lives in Sin City's neon canyons when Frost's best friend, a "semi-retired" casino executive, asks for his help.

A Proper Time to Die - #2

Available in eBook and print editions.

Jack Frost is not one to turn the other cheek. He and his antisocial Doberman, J.T. Ripper, head for Las Vegas to settle a very personal account with Harry Varchetta, CEO of one of the Las Vegas Strip’s oldest and most famous resorts. But waiting for them in Sin City is James Red Sleeves, a full-blooded Apache Syndicate enforcer.

Nightmare in Neon - #3 

Available in eBook and print editions.

Syndicate boss Carlos Giovanni has had enough of Jack Frost's meddling and he marks Frost for termination. But this will not be a typical “Full Call” assassination, where the first Syndicate hitman who finds and kills Frost can claim the money and the bragging rights. Instead, Giovanni unleashes just one legendary, nearly mythical assassin to make the hit.

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