Misty Mountain Productions is a digital fiction development company. We embrace the latest technology,  allowing us to pursue storytelling in a variety of digital formats.

     Ray Hoy, Producer

"I started Misty Mountain Productions with the goal of producing cutting edge audio, video and digital book titles. Over the years I ran across some very talented individuals, and when I reached out and asked for their participation, they rewarded me with an enthusiastic, "Let's do it!" response. Please join us as we explore future projects." – Ray Hoy 




     TO SLEEP...


THE MAGGIE FACTOR - Romantic Thriller

Maggie McGuire, fresh out of Duke University, loves her exciting new job as a casino marketing executive at Lake Tahoe's Silver Pines Resort. But the fiery young redhead quickly finds herself targeted by a sadistic stalker. Well, good luck to him!

"A highly recommended page-turner suspense thriller, and the stuff of which block-buster movies are made. Jessie Fallon is a gifted storyteller who will leave her readers waiting eagerly for her next book."

     – Midwest Book Review


Note to Indie Authors: If you've written a book, you have a green light to self-publish. If you need help with that, just click on our book formatting link at the top of this page. You're the publisher, we're just here to make your formatted book look magnificent.


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