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A hopeless romantic, chaser of rainbows, lover of dogs, and reluctant realist, Ray Hoy has been a professional writer, editor, publisher, and producer for over five decades. During his long media career he somehow managed to spend twenty years as a casino marketing consultant working with major properties such as Caesars Tahoe, Wayne Newton Gaming, and others. Ray specialized in opening land-based casinos, river and ocean-going gambling boats, and casino/horse racing facilities.



In addition to Ray’s casino career, he has another connection to Nevada — a more sinister one. He is one of those so-called “Atomic Soldiers” from the 50’s. While serving with the Signal Corps, his unit was sent to Camp Desert Rock, Nevada to provide communications for a series of atmospheric atomic bomb tests. While stationed there with 5,000 fellow servicemen, he observed a number of “shots” (as the military referred to them), up close and personal. Today the number of survivors is down to 500 or so, and most of those men died horribly. However, to date Ray reports that he is still healthy, happy and going strong, and still has a lot of silver hair, so he considers himself blessed with more time to write his Jack Frost tales.


Ray wrote Letters from Under the Mushroom Cloud, a book about his atomic experiences, and he is happy to report that it was recently accepted for permanent display at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas. Available in Digital and Print.

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